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Why a Business Should Invest in Indian Mobile Apps Development

By Nicolas Thomas | July 17, 2020

Why a Business Should Invest in Indian Mobile Apps Development

Evolving consumer behavior makes it necessary for the business to constantly change their strategy. This is why more and more businesses are turning towards mobile apps for catering to a greater number of audiences. All businesses operate with the main aim of imparting a competitive edge to their brand by offering a holistic experience to the end-users and mobile apps can serve as the best way of attaining the same.

While some businesses are not very confident about mobile applications, it is impossible to ignore the popularity of mobile apps in the totality given its ability to create an experience-driven and engaging environment. Today we are going to base around discussion on the importance of mobile app development for modern businesses and how Indian app developers can help them with the same.

Maximum Visibility

Mobile apps help in providing global exposure to businesses. Your potential customers will get to see the business logo every now and then which will keep updated about the products and services offered by you. As your brand engagement increases over time, businesses are able to offer more unique features to end-users. Compared to a web portal, mobile apps offer customers more convenient browsing experience. Here they can shop and interact easily while accessing all the requisite information with the simple click of a button. An added level of engagement also increases the chances of potential conversions which ultimately adds up to your revenue exchequer.

Tailor-Made Services

Business houses often rely on mobile apps for collecting useful data from their customers such as their recent searches, purchases, etc. On being subjected to proper analysis, this can provide valuable insights on the type of services a potential customer might require. As a result, the customers become more inclined towards your brand.

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Businesses can even personalize their communication with customers by leveraging on information obtained from the user profile. This helps in engaging the customers on an individual level on a real-time basis and is very important in the highly competitive world of modern times where 70% of users expect personalised services. Businesses can facilitate direct interactions with consumers via push notifications. App-specific features such as brands and geolocation help in making the product and service seem more relevant and attractive to end-users for offering better user experience and fostering the stronger brand relationship.

Stronger Brand Endorsement

All businesses strive towards the creation of good brand reputation and mobile apps can help out with the same. Modern-day customers rarely buy anything without reading the product reviews. Thus, the existing set of reviews can have a big role to play in facilitating your brand ahead of the global audience. Mobile apps help in sending out information regarding deals, promotions, offers and latest product additions which make customers more inclined towards your brand.

The Indian app developers also help in creating an environment where businesses can interact regularly with the target market for gathering more trust and loyalty. The purchase intention of the customers also increases coupled with frequent interactions with the brand making mobile apps an extremely effective means of brand building and promotion.

Mobile Commerce

The sudden boom in technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the way of conducting business. This is why brick and mortar stores are being increasingly replaced by digital marketplaces. Although we rarely carry our laptops along, smartphones are a constant companion which helps us in getting through the entire day. This has also added impetus to mobile commerce as more and more people are opting for this medium to complete their payments. Indian app developers are trying to come up with secure online wallets to foster the same.

Staying Competitive

Evolving consumer behaviour can be seen increasing the competition level of the market. In such a scenario, a mobile app can help business houses in creating a strong presence in their particular industry. The visually appealing environment offered by mobile apps helps them in standing out from the crowd and creating a niche for themselves. Maybe this is why 96% of the top 50 UK brands and 94% of the top 50 USA brands have opened up to the massive possibilities of mobile apps. After all, an online presence can have a big role to play in increasing the viability of your business.

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These apps are successful in attracting fresh audience while retaining the old ones as they get guaranteed about the authenticity of your brand. 70% of purchases are positively influenced alone by the customer’s experience and this gets a positive boost via mobile apps. An increasing level of customer satisfaction is bound to leave a positive impact on the sales figures.

Add To The Revenue Count

Indian app developers are being increasingly demanded as mobile apps offer brands with the opportunity to ring in more revenue. As the purchase process gets more streamlined and simpler, the customer experience improves drastically for positively impacting the sales figures. Some popular app monetisation strategies are freemium, paid app, in-app purchases and in-app advertising.

Proper Communication

Mobile apps help in building a strong feedback system wherein customers can easily voice their opinions about evident loopholes and what they like best about the product or service. This easy channel helps brands in remodelling their offerings as per customer requirements to improve the overall user experience. You can take the example of a help desk or messaging feature within the app which establishes easy communication channels with the end-users so that they can sort out all queries, complaints and even compliments. This removes the communication gap and ensures that businesses do not have to invest further for gaining the proper feedback.

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While mobile web is helpful in increasing traffic, mobile apps help with the retention of customers by building a stronger relationship. Significant marketing opportunities are missed when businesses lack a proper mobile presence. The number of mobile app downloads is estimated to reach record heights by the end of 2020. The mobile-friendly 21st century has increased the dependency of people on their mobile phones.

From waking up in the morning to going to sleep, we tend to use mobile phones a lot. Official reports have suggested that every individual spends about 4 hours on a daily basis browsing their smartphones. Even their day starts by browsing through the social media feeds and maybe looking at their daily list of appointments before reaching out for bed tea. In such a scenario, it is only natural for businesses to come up with appealing and interactive mobile apps for ringing in maximum profits.

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