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Things to Know Before Hiring App Developers From India

By Nicolas Thomas | August 25, 2020

Things to Know Before Hiring App Developers From India

If you’re wondering whether to hire an app developer from India, Then Here Are Some Stats to Consider First!

India is the fastest-growing market in the field of mobile app development. It sees an impressive revenue growth of 41% per annum.

It is closely followed by Indonesia and Albania, whose estimate revenue growth is 24% and 23%, respectively.

Another Study Reveals –

India ranks first on the global scale for its collective total of iOS and Android app downloads.  Next are The United States and the Republic of China who are following India very closely.

All these crucial stats help point out one clear thing – India has the most prolific market for mobile application development.

  • Each of their app developers possesses an insatiable appetite for newer technologies.
  • They are quick to adapt to the latest mobile app trends.

A Senior Official from Microsoft Once Stated That – “India is a land for quality and driven app developers.

Some of its best mobile applications, such as Iris, Pulse, Zomato, Paytm, and Flipkart, are clear examples. The success of each proves that it makes sense to hire app developer from India.

Here Are 5 More Good Reasons to Hire App Developers from India

  1. In Comparison to All Developed Nations Around the World, App Developers in India Are Very Affordable

The goal of every company is to sell more of its business offerings and earn as much revenue as possible. Sometimes if the cost of creating new software is more, it puts an added strain on the company.

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To avoid spending too much on app development, most top companies look to outsource their work to Indian app developers. India is an excellent name in offshore mobile app development and one primary reason for this is due to its cost-friendly pricing.

Take a Look at This Comparison –

  • App developers in Australia charge -$150/hour for iOS software and $200/hour for Android apps
  • Developers in The USA charge – $120-$170/hour for iOS software and $150/hour for Android apps
  • Developers in Russia Charge – $50-$60/hour for iOS software and $60-$70/hour for Android apps

Contrarily, if you choose to hire app developers from India, they will only charge you –$18-$40 for iOS apps and $20-$35/hour for Android applications.

Besides the cost, there are other good reasons why India ranks among the most prolific outsourcing centers. They are as follows –

  • The export revenue is expected to increase by 8-9% each year over the next 5-years. The forecast for 2025-2026 being, its overall export income will cross $135 billion US dollars.
  • In addition to these, around 40% of Indian app developers will look to advance their knowledge and skills further. By 2025, the IT industry aims to touch US$ 350 billion in its total revenue.
  1. India Has an Impressive Pool of Proficient App Developers

If you choose to hire an app developer from India, you will also benefit from its impressive pool of software specialists.

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Around 95% of app developers in the country are young (between 18-34 years), driven and consist of remarkable technical skills.

Plus, over 200000 app development graduates and master’s degree holders operate in the top-most IT companies around the country. They even possess a wide range of specializations- be it creating iOS, Android, or even a hybrid mobile software!

Moreover, top IT companies also encourage their app developers to keep learning and accumulating newer skills regularly to meet the demands of various clients across numerous verticals.

  1. App Developers in India Always Follow International Standards & Posses World-Renowned Certifications

The country is also known for following the best International Standards and Practices. They encourage their app development team to adopt all quality certification standards.

Some of Them Include the Following

  • CMM- Capability Maturity Model
  • Six Sigma Quality Certification
  • ISO-9000 –International Standard Organizations
  • TQM – Total Quality Management
  • COPC – Customer Operations Performance Centre

What’s more?

  • Of all the top CMM companies operating around the globe, 75% of them are Indian-based
  • Similarly, India consists of the greatest number of ISO-9000 companies too.
  1. It Consists of Multiple Hotspots for Ground-breaking Software Development

In the field of technological advancement, India is also the fastest-growing countries in the world. The geographic spread of its IT industry has even reached Tier II and Tier III cities.

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Some of its significant hotspots include as follows – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, and Mumbai.  Statistics also point out that around 55-60% of software development happens in these significant hotspots.

  1. Innovation-in-Software & Quality-In-Services Is Always Guaranteed

India is a country where you will find 75% of the top-most CMM level companies operating. It also consists of a similar number of world-renowned ISO-9000 companies. This makes it one of the most favorable regions for the IT sector.

The country holds a 52-55% share in outsourcing, and this is mainly due to its low cost but best-in-quality app developments. Furthermore, most business runners want to associate with a quality remote team to improve their products and services genuinely. So, if you’re going to hire an app developer, India could be an excellent choice to consider.

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Statistics point out that.

  • Around 12% of entrepreneurs want more innovation and automation from their remote development team
  • 16% of business owners wish to improvement in app designing and overall responsiveness
  • 35% of company heads want to more innovative features in their software
  • And 4-5% improvements in the software development process as a part of the outsourcing contract

To achieve all this, hire an app developer from India does seem like the right choice. Experts working at top-app development firms deliver dedicated and comprehensive software solutions. Plus, their unending curiosity in creating newer and better-quality technologies allows them to achieve their goal in most cases.

Final Words

The IT ecosystem in India continues to grow with quality education, training, and continuous research and development in newer technology fields.

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Due to this, a lot of foreign companies are looking to reap these benefits. They hire app developers from India to develop innovative software and gain the upper hand in the market. Also, by the looks of it, they haven’t been let down.

To answer the question – Is it a good idea to hire an app developer from India? The answer is YES; you very well can.

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