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7 Compelling Reasons Why React Native Is The Best Framework For Cross-Platform App Development

By Nicolas Thomas | January 07, 2020

7 Compelling Reasons Why React Native Is The Best Framework For Cross-Platform App Development

In this present era of digitalization, a mobile application is one of the primary necessities for today’s modern-age businesses to stand-out in the industry, including even the top Indian app developers of the market are swapping towards mobile applications rather than the ordinary websites.

The applications developed through cross-platform are apparently becoming more prevalent in the market, and React Native is one of the most preferred cross-platform development solutions by the developers as it allows them to preserves native platform compatibilities through react development. This Facebook developed open-source framework had grabbed its position among the community of React Native developers very rapidly after its launch, owing to the reason that it creates terrific applications both for iOS and Android simultaneously.

From TikTok, Instagram, and Microsoft OneDrive to Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Flipkart, React Native is making its mark around the world by associating with the top brands globally. With more than 60 thousand successful apps running over presently, React native is expected to be leading the industry in the near future.

Best Cross-platform App development Frameworks

Cross Platform Development Frameworks

In general, there are two types of cross-platform applications, Native cross-platform apps, and Hybrid HTML5 cross-platform apps. Though both approaches carry some pros and cons but which one befits your business needs precisely is something that should be taken into consideration. However, how to choose what suits your businesses best is a worthwhile question to be discussed.

The selection of an app framework with the right development process that fits all the required platforms is not only essential but also challenging at the same time. Some of the fundamental frameworks and approaches for the development of cross-platform incorporate:-


React Native: The Best framework for cross-platform App development

React Native

Native Apps on cross-platform are acknowledged for presenting extraordinary performance with the latest technologies integrated with them. Out of all the above-mentioned frameworks, React Native is considered as a boon to the developers, especially in the year 2019. Since its origin in the summer of 2013, React Native has been recognized as the widely adopted cross-platform development framework by the react native developers.

React Native, a javascript library framework, natively rendering real writing for Android, Web, iOS, and UWP applications, is presently leading the market of cross-platform application development frameworks with over 60 thousand of apps successfully running over it. Furthermore, as per the techno experts, React Native will lead the scenario of the technology industry in 2020 as well.

Benefits of React Native App Development

React Native is one of the most widely used native cross-platform languages. It is grounded on Facebook’s react Javascript-based library that works best, especially for mobiles. Alike an ideal cross-platform application, React Native operates with a single code base request but serves a number of platforms and operating systems. React development functions best for the advancement of dynamic user interfaces by writing clean and fast mobile apps.

The unique characteristic of React Native framework is that it emphasizes more on mobile platforms, despite targeting the browsers. While working on this framework, you can function within the comfort zone of a familiar framework with the use of a single Javascript codebase.

Let us go through some of the reasons why React Native is considered as the best framework for building your business applications on cross-platform development.

Benefits of React Native

1. It is truly Native

The best part about React Native is that; it is actually ‘Native’. It handles the entire rendering of the platform’s native UI building blocks for you, once you describe the appearance of a component like text, view, and image format. React Native enables you to build truly native apps that do not compromise on users’ experience on any stage.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

The code reusability in React Native is exceptionally efficient in reducing the cost of app creation. As the developers do not require to use separate codes for the separate operating systems and devices, both the platforms can be coded just with a single programming language, i.e., React Native. This ultimately makes a project more reasonable in terms of expenses as you do not have to employ a large team of developers to get the job done.

3. Better experience to the developer

In comparison with the standard Android and iOS development framework, React Native renders a much better experience of developing. Mainly in a javascript application, it provides numerous perks of web and app development, such as instant’ Refresh.’ React Native response at lightning speed. Now, you do not have to wait for the native building to finish, save, and see. You can instantly see the changes made in codes.

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4. Optimize the performance

React Native framework is best known for optimal performance. When it comes to improving the performance level by altering native control and modules, the react Native framework is a real asset. It gets connected upfront and freely to the native components for both the Operating Systems and generates codes to eventually enhances the performance by making use of different threads from the native APIs and UI.

5. Live and Hot Reloading

React Native is recognized for its active support in both live and hot reloading. It can be seen in use when you need to make some changes in the backend, and you have a couple of open windows in your device together with the code and the app screen, then you can see the immediate results of making changes in the code. Furthermore, Hot Reading, which is based on HMR (Hot Module Replacement), also plays a vital role in diminishing the waiting time in modifications.

6. Provide best use experience

React Native framework assists in the creation of an attractive UI and UX from declarative components that cannot be seen separated from a native app. Apps developed and designed using React Native development framework, are extremely quick to load and easy to use as a usual native app. It empowers you to develop mobile apps using only the javascript, which lets you build an amazing mobile user interface through native widgets in order to navigate smoothly and maximize the user experience.

7. Highly-efficient in handling multiple devices simultaneously

Without any doubt, React Native framework flawlessly manages multiple platforms and devices at a time. With this native cross-platform development language, it becomes effortless to handle all the platforms seamlessly. Here the developer only needs to write a single react native code, and it works simply for Android as well as iOS platforms.

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As conclusion, it won’t be wrong if said that React Native app development is the future of cross-platform development frameworks, and thus it is highly recommended to create React Native apps in 2020 for the sky-rocketing growth of your business. Hire Indian app developers for React Native app development of your business and enhance the revenue by spending comparatively fewer resources.

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