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Pros and Cons of Hiring an Indian App Developer

By Nicolas Thomas | November 19, 2019

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Indian App Developer

Did you know 80% of the US and European companies consider Indian app developers to outsource their projects? Yes! India has indeed become one of the most favorable global outsourcing destinations.

To enlighten you, Indian software development companies are leading Fortune 500 companies chart – report by Nasscom.

Outsourcing has become wide. Technology has transcended and removed the restriction to connect with only onshore developers for their project development.

Finding an appropriate app developer can add value apart from development, which can help you maximize revenues. The question here arises is that Can I hire an app developer offshore?

Among the abundant app development service provider, the most trusted and the highest density of programmers are found in India.

Total Number of Mobile App Developers by Region
Total Number of Mobile App Developers by Region Source: Vision Mobile


India, being a developing country and full of talent, brands from different countries look for their talent to hire. Indian app developers have the lowest hourly rate as compared to other locations. Blended with business development and technical skills, their decision-making skills can cut a lot of development costs. Moreover, they can save a lot of time and energy needed for the business.

However, you can easily trust on the on-shore companies as well as developers that deliver mobile app development services. Hiring an offshore employee, especially from India may have its ceratin advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Hiring an Indian App Developer

Referred to as a “land of Software developers” by senior Microsoft official – Indians are highly creative and innovative. They are innovative and love learning & implementing the latest technology.

Cost effctive

  • Cost-effective labor arbitrage

Compared to other developed nations, the Indian currency is quite cheaper for IT services. Being cost-effective with highly technical abilities means high in demand. This combination offered by India makes it a flourishing market for outsourcing talents and building web and app solutions. According to Statistica, India is one of the cheapest destinations to find the right mobile application development services. And thus, India is ranking as the top country to deliver IT solutions.

  • No long-term association

An Indian mobile app developer would be linked to you until your project is developed and delivered. They have the ability to deliver exceptional services without the need for commitment in the long term. However, some might not call it an advantage. No long-term commitments are required to make. Thus, keeping you in full control of your spending and wok tenure.

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  • Accessibility to global talent with no establishment cost

You are free from running after the resources and bearing the pre-establishment costs. No stress of hiring a full-time or fire them. You get a wide pool of choices to select from for your project. You can check the history of many app developers and compare and hire the best one.

  • App Developers and government policies are supportive too

It is equally important to have a supportive government when outsourcing the service or business. Indian app developers have an abundance of knowledge and are capable of improving the revenue of the country. The Indian government has passed out many measures and programs to enable maximize technology’s development work in the country. Stats says that Indian gov is identified as one of the 12 champion service sectors.

  • Indian app developers follow quality standards that run globally

India is also known to follow the best international practices Mobile app development services and Indian developers adopt the global quality certification standards. The important stats about Indians following the global standard-

  1. 75% of the total CMM certified software companies in the world are Indians.
  2. The world’s highest number of software companies are in India with ISO:9000 certified.

Software developers in India are also keen on getting certified with the latest technology certificate.

  • Availability on All-time Zones

With a good amount of experience, working under the top-notch development companies, Android app developers can easily regulate as per their client. Matured and polished with a lot of hard work, App programmers can easily adjust as per the time zone of the clients. This becomes advantageous to the company hiring an offshore developer. Their project costs reduce as well as the total time of delivery.

Availability on All-time Zones

Earlier communication and trusting the offshore app programmers were difficult to trust. But with today’s technology, the communication has become transparent. The agile software development framework provides the organization of the projects and its milestones managed. Agile methodology, Scrum platform allows full transparency of the offshore projects

However, Indian developers are agile, ready to work under any time zone, and highly dedicated towards their work as compared to other countries in the world. There are some barriers too when employing an off-shore programmer for any project.

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Cons of Hiring an App Developer of India

India is the country that has the most satisfied employees with five days working. The stats say the ratio of the satisfies employees is around 69%. But the barriers that can restrict companies to employ developers from India are –

  • Language barrier

Communication is a vital essence of any project. Without proper communication, the success rate of any project can decrease also the developmental time may increase. Freelancers especially beginners, who are less experience lack proper communication & technical skills
Developers face a lot of challenges in understanding the needs of their clients, which makes it a hassle for a developer to deliver as expected. But if, hiring an adept Indian app development agency will have a potent team inclusive of a project manager. The project manager acts as a bridge between the client and the company and conveys the needs of the client.

Stats says:


Presently, India stands at the second position after USA in terms of English speaking people with a strength of 100 million and its expected to be 2 million by 2020. These stats depict that the upcoming time will eradicate the language barrier too.

  • Market price differentiation

This is again an important aspect to keep in mind when hiring a freelance app developer from India. If the local or on-shore talent is expensive, you can easily outsource as the Indian economy is comparatively affordable. However, there are many countries with an economic rate of development but, India has a higher rate of skills & talents. But, additional taxes like VAT, which can be both large as well as small than your country’s equivalent.

  • Expensive testing and different approaches to work

Without testing, no project is complete. The analysis of the core functionality of the features ensures project success. Because different countries have different working cultures, thus a local can understand preferences better. Also, technology & advancement differs thus, testing process and methodologies may differ.
Only those developers who have experienced with versatile projects & differs countries will be able to deliver a seamless and flawless mobile app. Instead of employing a single app developer to do all the tasks, like designing, development, and testing, you can simply hire an Indian mobile app development company. The firm comprises a team of experts in every domain to deliver the best of the service.

  • Project Security Risk

Data on any project is considered highly confidential and it should be kept secure. When employing a freelance developer there are chances of the data breach. If a code is not written securely your project may be in danger. Thus, it is important to hire an app development agency that follows a proper and secured method of development to the delivery process.

The agency provides a formal proposal, documentation of the entire process, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) & more.

But, when outsourcing your project to the right app developers o the app development agency, it is important to research a bit.

Keeping these few points will help you get the best of all –
  • Don’t’ get droll by their cheap rates. Look for the experienced neither expensive nor cheap.
  • Do extensive discussion, ask all the relevant questions that display their expertise, skills, knowledge, communication skills, how quickly they comprehend the client’s needs and more.
  • Willingness in your project and advice to put up the best and latest versions of the software.
  • Check their portfolio thoroughly, do they have comprehensive designs, are their focus on delivering uniqueness, more.
  • Do they offer prototype, do they agree on a watertight agreement?

Developers in different countries can be experts or worse decisions made. Their experience & expertise denotes their work efficiency, which has been elucidated in this video. To know more keep watching.

Are You Ready to Work With the Indian App developers?

A mobile app developer is your partner in delivering exceptional service to your clients. They help in building your brand visibility and allows you to grow your business. Hiring an Indian app developer agency doesn’t give you the headache to foster a long-term relationship.

They are dedicated, can easily adjust to different time zones and offer 24X7 client support services. They are reliable but can have a communication barrier. They are highly skilled but can have different work cultures. They can offer extensive development service at affordable prices but the testing stage may turn the entire project equivalent to your country’s rates.

Language barriers could be reduced by employing the right project manager also other barriers can be resolved. Your outsourcing project could turn highly successful within the given time frame through a project manager. With the help of proper discussion and collaboration, proper needs and goals can be delivered. Which can help produce a well-structured, functional and exceptionally aesthetic mobile app!

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