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Step by Step Guide to Hire Game Developer in 2021

By Nicolas Thomas | December 07, 2020

Step by Step Guide to Hire Game Developer in 2021

You’ve come to the ideal place if you want guidance to become an app developer to create games, and after you read till the end, and you will be able to improve your game programming skill set with ease. Unless they have no wish to code, being a game developer is the dream job of many gaming fans. In reality, becoming a game developer is simple in some places and difficult in others. Anyhow, programming languages are a must.

To develop a game takes years of work. You will have to put in many late nights and spend endless hours on coding and concept creation for the game. But the result is always fruitful, and a game developer is a prestigious job. Not only will you be doing what you love the most, but you will also be getting paid decently for it.

How to become a game developer in 2021?

Play with a purpose

 The most vital step to master something is to approach it with interest, have a goal, and improvise as you go ahead. For example, if you wish to become a great dancer, watch some great dancers first. If you want to become a great cricketer, watch how the great cricket legends play first.

Likewise, if you’re going to develop a great game, play some fantastic video games. Not for fun; play with an observant mind. Observe the concepts, play mindfully, and realize why the developer took those steps. Try studying it, and try to improvise as a student.

Become a part of the community

One of the best benefits of living in an era where everything is digital is that we can be in constant touch with anyone. So, you can get in touch with people who share the same passion for video games as yours. A gaming community has numerous such people who have a knack for video games but live in different parts of the world. You wouldn’t have been able to do the same thing if it was a few decades ago, thus, make the most out of it.

By becoming a part of a gaming community, you will get to know various things. You will have a better knowledge of what gamers like or dislike, their preferences, and many such things. And you need to take these things into serious consideration because they will be your audience in the future.

You can also meet people who want to become a game developer, and maybe you can even partner with them and start your venture in the future. Many people in game development are usually a part of such communities, so you may even get to know about job offers. Although you won’t get jobs directly, it can be a good opening.

Have a plan

It is a relatively challenging subject. Therefore, if you go without a plan, it can turn out to be a nightmare for you. So, start by deciding what your final goal is? What type of game do you exactly want to develop? Then you can start by considering the following factors.

Gaming Engine

You build a game on a gaming engine, which is a framework. There are numerous gaming engines out there. A gaming engine takes care of the inputs, AI, physics, and similar factors, saving you time, so you don’t have to code from scratch. You can go for gaming engines like Unity, Unreal, and Cry. These are among the finest gaming engines in the world, and you will learn a lot from them.

Programming Languages

The programming language you opt for will vary according to the gaming engine you choose. For example, if you go for the Unity Engine, you will have to know C#. Similarly, if you go for Unreal or Cry, you have to know C++.

C++ is a stricter language than C#, which poses to be a problem for novice learners. Therefore, it will be a good idea to start learning C# first and play with Unity engines. Once you know how to become a game developer, you will have to learn the C++ language because C++ is game development’s industry-standard language.

Set Short-Term Goals      

It is important to set smaller goals that you keep on achieving. Splitting a big journey into small milestones is an excellent way to make your way to the top.        

Get going without wasting time     

You won’t ever be able to embark on the journey if you are waiting for the condition to be ideal. Thus, if the question is when to start learning to become a game developer, the answer is to start now. There are various courses, free and paid, for you to enroll. If it is final, start learning the programming language, or start with the development right now.

While you are learning game development, you will come across certain concepts that might look of no use. But you will be making a big mistake if you ignore them. Every small function in a gaming engine has some meaning to it, and it comes to use at some point in time in the future. There is a reason why programmers spent hours coding things into the gaming engine for you to use it.          

Find a development team, or become a part of one     

If you want to be a game developer, just using gaming engines won’t bring you anywhere near your goal. If you want to do it all alone, you also have to do the following things:

  • Animator
  • Composer
  • Illustrator
  • Writer
  • Marketer
  • VFX Expert

And becoming all these things will take you an extended amount of time, way more than you expect. Therefore, game development is more of a team job. If you are a part of a community, you will be able to form a team from there. If not that, you can at least join a team if your expertise is of need.

Game developer FAQ

What is a video game developer?       

A software developer who is proficient in developing video games is a video game developer. The development of video games is the process and concepts of creating video games.

What does a game developer do?      

Game developers mostly work in teams. They design, plan, and make video games for PCs, smartphones, or different gaming consoles like PlayStation or XBOX. Their job includes making visual content for a game and coding to execute all the game features with its functionality.        

What are the earnings of a game developer?        

A game developer’s earnings have a lot to do with their experience and their place of employment. The starting salary can easily be around 15 thousand to 40 thousand in India. It also depends on how the recruiters see you. You can get a starting salary of 4-6.5 lakhs per annum in India in companies like Ubisoft and Sony.      

What is the popularity of the games?          

Games were popular for a long time, but since the onset of smartphones and tablets, games’ popularity has gone to a whole new level: The mobile gaming sector. The global gaming market is supposed to reach a value of around 160 billion USD by the end of 2020. Similarly, the revenue of the mobile gaming industry in the US alone is around 63 billion USD.

What is the best software for game development on Android?        

The best and most prominent software for game development is Android Studio. Not only can you create games with it, but you can even create other apps with Android Studio. Anyhow, you must be proficient in C++ and Java for knowing your way through the Android Studio. You can use these tools to design multiplayer games for Android.

  • Juego Studios
  • Unity 3D
  • Flash
  • Marmalade
  • Cry Engine
  • cocos2dx     

Which is better software to develop a multiplayer game? Java or Unity?         

It largely depends on the game you wish to develop. All in all, Unity 2D and 3D has a bigger market for game development. You can get better game tools on Unity than Java. Similarly, users have to create many things by themselves while using Java.           

Which is a better platform for cross-platform development on mobile? React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter?         

Out of all the above, React Native is the best for cross-platform development. It is effortless to use and navigate.  

Which are the leading Android frameworks?     

Android has a humongous market, and many people choose Android because it can run on various mobile phones and supports thousands of apps. So the best Android development frameworks are:

  • Ionic
  • Corona SDK
  • AppsBuilder
  • React Native           

How are native apps different from hybrid apps?        

A native app is for a single OS, for example, an app that only runs on Android or an app that only runs on iOS. Similarly, a hybrid app does include a certain amount of native code in it, but it also depends on programming languages that every OS can understand.      

What is the process of the development of a game?       

You should know these things before becoming app developer for games. It mostly divides into three parts, which are as follows:

Pre-production: In pre-production, things like the storyline, concept, theme, architectural design, and preparation of the project plan are taken into account.

Production: In production, things like design, development, and testing are taken into account.

Post-production: Post-production usually involves the deployment of the game and maintenance of it.    

How can you differentiate between video game design and development? 

It might look the same, but game design and game development have two different career paths. The game design includes the creation of newer concepts, mechanics, and story lines in the game.

In contrast, game development includes the game’s overall creation, from the programming to the animation. It is more like how the driver of a truck and the engineer building the truck is different. Both work hand-in-hand, and the presence of both of them are highly essential for creating an ideal game.

How to become a Video Game Designer?


Just like game developers, game designers work with a team to produce games. Video game designers are the ones who create the characters, write the story line, and take care of the mechanics of the game. They can also write code with the help of their technical knowledge. Game designers work closely with game developers.

Here is how you can become a video game designer:

  • Become acquainted with video games
  • Complete your education and gain experience
  • Build a portfolio, apply for jobs, and start preparing for interviews

What are the tasks of a video game designer?

tasks of a video game designer

The following are some of the many roles of a video game designer:

  1. Developing and designing new concepts for a game
  2. Making use of special tools to draw, write, and plot their ideas
  3. Creating characters, finalizing themes, and writing the storyline for a game
  4. Collaborating with game developers to design mechanics and take care of similar concepts that enhance the overall storyline
  5. Pitching their ideas to their seniors
  6.  Making sure that their games meet the expectations of their recruiters regarding the quality and content of the game
  7. Checking the game if there are any bugs or other gameplay problems that may distort the experience of the gamers
  8. Approaching the marketing team for a consultation to create the ideal campaigns for new games

On average, how much does a video game designer earn?

Similar to a Fantasy Sports App game developer, the salary of a video game designer varies with experience, location, and employers. Undoubtedly, the salary will increase when they gain more experience and work on their skill set to make it better. Professionals and consultants who have their studios make a decent earning for themselves. The average salary of a video game designer in the US is around 10-11 USD per hour.


So, that was the step-by-step guide on becoming a game developer with a focus on the sidelining topics. Becoming a game developer requires time and patience. If you are passionate and patient enough, you will start seeing ideal results.

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