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We are the top cross-platform app development service provider with a team of skilled mobile app developers. Our Company offers proficient developers with extensive experience in Cross-Platform Development on platforms like Ionic, Configure.IT, React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin to name a few.

  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Prompt Results
  • Scalable and Reusable code
  • Excellence at using multiple platforms
  • High-performance Applications
  • Experts in Flutter, React Native, Ionic & many more
Top-Notch Cross-Platform App Development Company

Affordable Cross-Platform App Developers in India

In the last few years, cross-platform development has taken off in a big way as it allows the developer to write a single code for all platforms – Android, iOS, or Windows. For businesses, it is the best way to cut the cumulative cost so that they can focus on marketing and lead generation without hampering the quality. Indian App Developer (IAD) has successfully delivered thousands of Cross-platform mobile applications to businesses worldwide.

We have a robust development team mastered in the latest technologies and frameworks like PhoneGap, Flutter, React Native, and many more. We are well versed in creating cross-platform applications having the same features as native mobile apps. Hence, if you want to put your best foot forward, choose us as your cross-platform mobile app development company, and be rest assured to get the best IT related solutions at affordable prices.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Reusable Codes

Reusable Codes

Developers are allowed to reuse the same code for all platforms instead of writing fresh code for every platform. It eliminated extra work and makes the process smooth and simple. Although, it’s a new concept but is used extensively in the software development industry.

Controls cost

Controls cost

Cross-platform app development has proved to be a boon for software companies as now they just need to make a one-time investment in order to develop their app unlike earlier where they had to spend heavily on different technologies and tools. Now companies no longer need to spend on developing applications for separate platforms.

Faster Delivery

Faster Delivery

Deploying a single script accelerates the overall app development process. As a result, the product reaches the market sooner than before. The saved time can be invested in developing other technologies or working on codes for a brand new application. Hence it is a win-win situation for developers, marketers, and consumers.

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Our Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development Services

Cross-platforms Frameworks and Tools we use

The important thing while developing a cross-platform application is to make sure that not only the application looks attractive but also functions the same way on both the platforms. This is the point where we can make a difference by choosing the best technology stack for cross-platform app development.

React Native
React Native

React Native is yet another immensely popular open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. This JavaScript-based framework allows you to build native mobile applications for Android and iOS. You can use the same codebase to create an application for various platforms.


Introduced by Adobe, PhoneGap is a software development framework used in developing a cross-platform mobile application. The developer only requires to know web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and not mobile programming language while using PhoneGap.


Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned Software Company based in the US and founded in 2011. Xamarin is an open-source platform for building cross-platform applications for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. The developers can write code in a single language and achieve native performance at the same time.


Flutter is a very popular open-source UI software development kit invented by Google. It is used to develop attractive cross-platform mobile applications for multiple operating systems including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.


Ionic is the easiest way for developers to build, grow, and scale-up cross-platform mobile applications. Ionic was invented in the year 2013 and is a complete open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) used in Hybrid mobile app development.


HTML5 is one such markup language that is used to structure and present content on the World Wide Web. HTML5 is the fifth and the latest version of HTML that is a World Wide Web Consortium Recommendation.

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Hire Cross-Platform Builders at Your Ease

Dedicated Model
Dedicated Model

The most effective way of saving your project’s development cost is to hire Developers/Development Team with a dedicated offshore Developer model. This model helps you choose your own cross-platform developers to get the maximum benefits in terms of cost, quality, and flexibility. Hence, you can have full control and you will be updated regarding the project’s current status. A dedicated model is highly advantageous and leads to quality output. We offer you complete freedom and flexibility to hire dedicated developers on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis to get premium quality software development with significant savings.

  • 24*7 Connectivity
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Monthly Billing
  • 160 Hours of Full & Part-time
  • Pay only for measurable work
  • Timely Project Updates
Fixed Cost Model
Fixed Cost Model

The fixed cost model is most suitable for well-defined projects whose complexity ranges between low to medium. It demands well-defined technical requirements in the form of software specification documents. Hence, the team can know the potential risks associated with the project in advance. Under this method, normally the projects are not changed or extended during the implementation. Under the fixed cost model, the customer is required to provide adequate support in the form of timely and relevant feedback and decisions.

  • Minimum Risk and higher credibility
  • Quality-oriented work with no bugs or errors
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • No hidden costs
  • Fixed Deadline and budget
  • Pay for measurable work
  • No set-up fees
Hourly Model
Hourly Model

Indian App Developer (IAD) also provides you an exclusive feature to make the payment on an hourly basis depending upon your convenience. This method is most suitable if the client wants to assign the company with undefined projects and needs ongoing work. Under such a contract, the client needs to pay as per the number of hours of work.

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Requirement Based Working Hours
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Monthly Billing
  • The payment as per the measurable work

Why Hire Cross-Platform App Developers From ‘Indian App Developers’?

Effortless Coding

We have certified cross-platform app developers who are capable enough to perform error-free coding and deliver successful projects. The developers are experienced enough to perform multitasking.

Latest technology

Developing mobile applications is a very tedious task and demands in-depth coding and programming knowledge. Hence, we make use of the latest technology to make a robust cross-platform mobile app compatible with all the devices and operating systems.

Quick and easy communication

We have a very smooth and easy to access communication channel that empowers our clients to interact with us at all hours of the day. No matter where you are, you can easily communicate with our developers by using any7 platform such as calls, emails, chat, Skype, etc.

Freedom to choose your team

When you are hiring cross-platform app developers from us, you are to choose any developer(s) according to your specifications or requirements. We would be assigning you a dedicated developer so that you can talk to him directly. You can even change the developer in the middle ask for a new developer to do the job.

Affordability Guaranteed

With Indian App Developers you can rest assured that you will be getting the best-quoted price as per industry standards. We understand that demanding a skyrocketing amount will increase the overall budget of the business and many businesses might not be able to afford it. Hence we charge a nominal price that won’t put pressure on your pockets.

Extraordinary Solutions

Hire the app developers online and get a world-class experience of customized user-oriented solutions at your doorstep. With such amazing solutions built by the latest technologies can maximize your business operations and help to a great extent in generating leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends upon country to country. When we talk globally, the average price to develop a cross-platform application would be around $30,000 to $50,000. However, in India, you can get the job done at a much cheaper price, like almost half of the global price.

The reason is simple – you get quality with affordability. We have an in-house team specially dedicated to developing cross-platform applications using the latest technologies and frameworks.

You will get all the services that are needed to successfully develop and deliver your application to you. This will include services like Designing (Pre and Post), Development and Support & Assistance.

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