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How App Developers Create a Fantasy Sports Website & App Like Dream11, MyTeam11?

By Nicolas Thomas | November 27, 2020

How App Developers Create a Fantasy Sports Website & App Like Dream11, MyTeam11?

Apps like Dream11 and MyTeam11 are in great demand in the fantasy sports industry. These games have brought in millions of players, thanks to its innovative game plans and offers. The demands of android app developers for apps like Dream11 and MyTeam11 are ever-growing in the fantasy gaming industry. Games like these immerse everyone in their virtual atmosphere.

Not only fantasy cricket, but there are other sports where players can join, create their teams, and win money. There is fantasy football, fantasy basketball, kabaddi, and various other sports. The player base for these sports is more than 25 million. The reason people find it so fascinating is that there are multiple offerings like sign-in bonuses and real cash prizes. If you want to create a fantasy sports app like Dream11, you have reached the ideal place. So, let’s see how to create a fantasy sports app like Dream11 and hire the perfect app developer for the same.

What are Fantasy Sports?

In fantasy sports, players have to make a virtual team for an upcoming game. The players get points according to how well they play the actual match. For instance, if one person A, chooses player A in his team and another person, B, selects player B. Now, player A scores 100 runs during the game, and player B scores 66 runs, then person A will get more points than person B for that player.

Similarly, they have to make a virtual team that combines the players from both the teams facing each other in the upcoming game. They get points for the players who do well and don’t get points for the players who don’t play well or the match.

Which are the Top Fantasy Sports Apps in India as of now?

Dream11: It is probably India’s biggest fantasy sports platform. Players can play fantasy football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and kabaddi. It came out in 2008, and its founders are Harsh Jain and BhavitSheth. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Fun fact, Dream11 is the first gaming company from India to make its way into the Unicorn Club.

MyTeam11: MyTeam11 is another Indian fantasy sports platform that lets players play football, cricket, basketball, rugby, volleyball, hockey, handball, and various sports. It was founded in 2016 by Vinit Godara and SanjitSihag and is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

BalleBaazi: It is a fantasy sports platform where players can play fantasy cricket. The parent company of BalleBaazi is SBN Gaming Network. It came out two years ago, and its founders are Navkiran Singh, Puneet Dua, and Saurabh Chopra. The headquarters of BalleBaazi is in New Delhi, India.

How to Make a Fantasy App like Dream11 and What Factors to Consider to Create a Dream11 Fantasy Clone App?

Analyze your competition correctly

There is a high and tough competition in the fantasy sports section. Earlier, Dream11 was the only prevalent name, but today there are multiple such apps. It would be best to analyze the competing apps and how they are functioning, which will give you an idea for performing at par with them. If you want to enter the market with your fantasy sports app, or even a Dream11 clone app, now is the best time for you. If you do well, you can gradually create a loyal fan base by being better than your competition.

Always keep space for improvement

You need to keep your app up-to-date with the latest trends to thrive in the competition. Most businesses operate with keeping the concept of growth in the near future in mind. Similarly, your app must also have scope for improvement.

If everything is over and you are ready to launch your app on a specific date, which is close, then there isn’t much you can do as of now. Therefore, you should keep experimenting with the app in the development stage while saving time for testing, so you can go on perfecting the areas while moving ahead.

Grab and optimize each opportunity you get

Fantasy sports have a plethora of opportunities for you to grab. There are hundreds of thousands of sporting events that happen daily around the world. If you consider Dream11, cricket is prominent in various Asian countries, and many cricket events occur in a day. Similarly, if you look at the global scale, you will realize the number of opportunities out there in the open and the value of apps like Dream11.

Consider the Positive Factors

Firstly, fantasy sports are not gambling, and secondly, it is a myth that fantasy sports are illegal. Fantasy sports are legal, nowhere near gambling, and it requires a lot of thinking and skills. For making things more clear, fantasy sports are entirely legal. Furthermore, apps like MyTeam11 and Dream11 are available on various platforms like Android and iOS.

How to Create an App like Dream11?

How to Create an App like Dream11

It would be best to keep certain things in mind before working on the app or hiring a Dream11 app developer to develop it. So, let’s take a look at the things you should consider to build an app like Dream11 or a Dream11 clone app.

Be in touch with the latest trends and fads in the market

You need to gather ample knowledge about the new trends before you get into designing the app. Once you analyze the trends, developing or hiring a Dream11 app developer to do the work will be easier for you. It is also vital to learn if you will be taking up courses in the future similar.

Set precise goals for your app

The primary objective of an app should be to be unique, simple to use, and impressive. Other important things are that the app’s design also must be distinctive, and the customer service must be prompt. All these things improve the app’s overall performance, help bring positive feedback, and help build good relations with your customers. Over time, it will give you a loyal and active customer base.


It is a challenge for designers and app developers to develop newer concepts and other visual ideas that can support the vision and help you stand out from the competition.

What Should You Consider Before Starting a Fantasy Sports Website? (online gaming)

Like fantasy sports apps, there is a lot of scope for fantasy sports websites. Most fantasy sports apps do have a website. Here are the factors to consider if you want to have a fantasy sports website like Dream11 or MyTeam11.

Recruiting the best professionals

It is essential to hire the best development company and developers to work on your app. Quality needs to be your priority in this case because hiring the best Dream11 app developers or companies has long-term impacts. If you hire someone who isn’t so good at the work, it will degrade your app’s quality. Not only that, but your app will also have bugs, and it won’t be a pleasant experience for the users. And they may leave negative feedback for your app, which is not suitable for business.

You also must ensure that your website and app can work efficiently on multiple platforms and has fantastic customer support. You have to start by looking at your options and analyzing the developer market. After considering it, it will be useful to hire the best Dream11 app developer suitable for you and cater to your needs. The developer must have enough experience to provide you with an app that can help you achieve considerable growth.

Security Measures

Your fantasy sports app needs to be highly secure because it does involve the money of the people. Users should get to bet and play as they wish. The app should be free of fraudulent activities and errors. The monetary security should be high enough, and the app should be safe from security breaches and hacks at all times.

Design of Fantasy Clone App


Good web design is what lets you grab the attention of the users at first glance. You must also be familiar with the accessibility and the market patterns to make your product come at the top. Your design must include realistic graphics and unique features that make your website and app stand out.

Key Services and Features of Fantasy Sports Website & App Like Dream11, MyTeam11

Not just for fantasy sports but for any company, providing top-notch services and products will take it a long way. The fantasy sports industry is inclining at a very high rate; thus, you should make sure that your services are the best because it will give you an edge over the competition.

A mobile app with a good design increases the reliability and accessibility of your brand. There are various marketing strategies, like brand recognition, cashback, and live streaming, that you can adapt. All of it will not only improve your customer reach but also create a good impression. Here are some features of fantasy sports apps like Dream11.

Log in/Sign up: New Users can sign up and create their account by entering necessary details like their email ID and a password. Users who already have an account can log in and log out whenever they wish.

Homescreen: The page that the users will see after they log in or sign up. It will have things like the matches and the tournaments that are currently going on.

Contests: Users can participate in the tournaments that they wish to from the contests tab. They need to check the details like the name, type, entry fee, number of winners, and the winning amount.

Payment Methods: Users can make their payments with different methods like bank transfers and E-wallets with this feature.

My Contest: Users can host contests by submitting a fee estimated on the overall winning amount and contest size. The My Contest section will also show the list of the people joining the game.

My Profile: They can update their profile with their user details. Users can also see their points, transactions, and similar things on their profile.

These are the user-friendly features that top apps have, and if you want to build an app, you must make sure that these features are there in the app. Other than these features, from the admin point of view, there must be:

  • Admin login and dashboard
  • User, match, earning, games category, and payment management
  • Cash bonus and reward points management
  • Bank withdrawal management

Final Words

India has around 300 million+ online gamers, approximately 46% of the total internet subscribers. There is a massive market for fantasy sports in India. Fantasy sports have numerous advantages; you can earn enormous money, get easy access, and top-security.

After looking at the ever-growing fantasy sports industry, many aspiring entrepreneurs are making their move. Therefore, if you wish to develop a fantasy gaming app like Dream11, you must make your move. You should also be careful and hire a Dream11 developer after considering all the factors. So, this was all about how you can create an app like Dream11 and MyTeam11.

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