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6 Reasons Why Converting Website into an App is Better in 2020

By Nicolas Thomas | February 12, 2020

6 Reasons Why Converting Website into an App is Better in 2020

In this digital world, everyone is dependent almost on their smartphones to perform their daily chores whether it is ordering food, booking a cab or performing banking transactions or other deeds. People prefer to access mobile apps to make use of products and services instead of visiting companies websites. And if go by the stats, the smartphone users count across the world would be around 6.1 billion by 2020. So it is already evident that where the majority of the audience is and having a mobile application for your business will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

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Besides the number of increasing smartphone users, there are several other reasons which advocate converting your website into an application. But here in this post, we are including 6 reasons you should consider to switch from website to an app.

1. Ease of Access Across Different Screen SizesEase of Access Across Different Screen Sizes

If we compare a website and mobile application, a mobile application can easily be accessed across different screen size devices. On the other hand, the website does not optimize as per the different screen sizes of smartphones. Also, finding a particular feature and service from the website became tedious for the user while using a smartphone. This, in turn, the user lost his/her interest and left the activity going to perform.

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There must be a question in several business owners’ mind that a website boasts of a range of features and functionalities. And how would it be possible to accommodate all of them in a single screen?

On the other hand, this approach will make the application look messier with lots of screens. To avoid this, initially, you can offer only the key features of your website in the early app version. Later on, you can add more features and functionalities in the updated versions of the application, based on your customers’ feedback.


2. Offers User Friendly-Experience with A-one Accessibility

User Experience

While operating a website through a mobile device, the user struggles to navigate from one point to another because it consumes more time as compared to a mobile application. So, it’s great to convert your existing website into a mobile application. To do so, you can hire Indian app developer, leading app development company in India.

With mobile applications which are developed based on mobile first-philosophy, there are no such issues of navigation and access ease. Because you can create an app design and develop it with extreme care and clear alignment. So accessing services using mobile apps offers a user-friendly experience to the users.

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3. Increases Visibility in front of potential and current users

Increases Visibility in front of potential and current users

Having an application for your business increases your visibility in the market by two-fold. The only thing you need is the availability of your mobile app on both the renowned platforms, the App Store (iPhones and IPads) and Google Play (Android). The place where all the applications are acquired and downloaded.

These platforms put your business in front of millions of users. And once the application is downloaded it becomes a part of the user’s daily life. Don’t know how many times users go through your application while scrolling between the applications.

No matter if he/she is using your application daily but that many times he/she meets with your app icon with each passing swipe. It feeds to the subconscious mind of the user. So it is one of the best possible ways to increase your brand visibility among users.

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4. Increases Audience Engagement and Retention

Audience Engagement

Mobile applications help in increasing audience engagement and retention, through one of their powerful tools and that is Push notifications. Push notifications have an open rate of 90% in terms of developing a connection between buyer and seller.

In the current smartphone era, Push notifications are the best communication tools as compared to others available in the market. With Push notifications, you can inform customers with upcoming features and updates.

Also, you can send custom messages, which will keep your brand name fresh in the minds of your customers. Consequently, they will visit your application and obviously will increase engagement.

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5. Offers Extended Features and Functionality

Features and Functionality of Apps

With mobile apps, you can make use of smartphone’s features and functionalities which you can’t even think of with a website. You can easily take advantage of mobile features like the contact list, camera, compass, GPS, phone calls, etc. Even these features make the user experience interactive and fun by reducing the user’s efforts as compared to other platforms.

For a better understanding, we can take an example of a banking app. While performing any process may be required to submit a photograph to complete it. With the mobile app, you can easily perform this action by utilizing the camera of your mobile device.

In addition to this, you can perform several other tasks using mobile apps with ease in limited time and efforts.

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6. Ease of Utilizing Offline capabilities


Use offline mode apps

Well, we are aware that mobile apps require an internet connection to perform important tasks. However, businesses prefer to offer basic features and functionality to work even in the offline mode or you are out of network.

So converting a website into a mobile application is a correct approach. Due to which, you can offer your business’s main features and functionalities to work offline. Consequently, the users’ interest will build towards your mobile app and build a great relationship with your business.

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Final words

The current era is the mobile era and the number of smartphone users is growing at a rapid pace each passing day. People nowadays don’t like to browse websites to reach your offerings. Because it is time-consuming and tedious to perform using a smartphone. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are the need of the hour due to that vast audience base.

So converting a website into a mobile app is a right approach to increase online visibility, user engagement and retention. Maybe the factors mentioned above will help you understand the importance of mobile apps as compared to a business website.

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You can also take a right move and convert your website into a mobile app. If you are looking for an app development company in India, you can hire Indian app developer for converting your website into any platform’s (Android and iOS) application.  

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