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What are the Challenges Faced by IoT Developers in the IT Industry?

By Nicolas Thomas | December 23, 2020

What are the Challenges Faced by IoT Developers in the IT Industry?

If you want to know how to hire mobile app developers, you have come to the right place. Today, IoT is one of the most prominent trends in application development and several challenges are faced by IoT developers while coding. IoT stands for the Internet of Things, and it refers to the vast network of objects that are embedded with devices so that they can exchange information on the Internet. Today, the market value of the IoT is above 123 billion USD.

According to a study in 2015, around 15.4 billion devices were connected to the Internet. Not only that, but estimates show that there will be a 487% increase by the year 2025, with 75 billion devices on the Internet. Huge credit goes to the technological advancement for making it happen. Considering the massive growth of the IoT, IoT developers are in very high demand. It is a very prestigious job that comes with many challenges, with high expectations and requirements. If you wish to hire mobile app developers or IoT developers, there are many things that you must consider.

The way IoT is climbing, it will very soon become a crucial part of our daily lives. With time, developers are coming up with newer technologies that are helpful to us. But, there are many challenges in the way for them. So, here are some of the main challenges that IoT developers are facing in the IT industry.

Major Challenges IoT Developers Do Face

1. Compatibility Issues

Even though IoT is advancing its way through app and web development, it is a relatively new concept. Thus, there are many compatibility issues IoT developers face. Various technologies are in tough competition, aiming to become the standard for communication. As of now, there is WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and even Z-wave. All are competing to emerge as the standard of transport between devices and hubs.

Achieving interoperability between IoT systems is crucial because it accounts for almost half of its total value. With a substantial increase in the number of vendors and service providers, it has become hard to maintain it.

Sensors are one of the essential parts of IoT devices. But, a problem that arises here is that not every machine can adjust to a new-gen sensor. Apart from that, there are various parameters. For instance, every sensor has a different power consumption capacity and standard, making it hard for devices to adjust.

Most of the techs that are now competing will eventually fall out of date, and they will be of no use to the devices that use them. It is essential because the IoT devices will be of service for a longer time.

2. Authentication Issues

There are many identity problems when it comes to IoT devices. A study states that there are around 20 billion devices. It is also why there are many issues regarding authenticity that increase problems to a great extent.

Therefore, it is essential to have a system architecture that can authenticate and identify the devices. There needs to be a formal system because it is not easy to bring many tools on a single platform.

3. Security Concerns


Apart from the identity, there are numerous security concerns developers have to face in the IoT. Due to its rapid advancement, it has caught the attention of various agencies and firms. Hacking is a danger that exists in IoT. There have been many reports of multiple hackings in the past, from cameras to fridges, guns, and even dolls. All of it is hampering the future of the IoT.

Because there are many nodes with low security on the network, it becomes easy for hackers to do the needful. It is a very alarming danger because IoT is making its way into our daily lives. It will be a part of it sooner or later. It was rumoured that reports of pacemakers were hacked. All of it puts our lives and health at risk. According to a study, only around 59% of the organizations encrypt the data they gather. It is a big reason why so many breaches take place because of poor security.

A very prominent reason for the lack of security is its speed of advancement. There is nothing wrong with the pace, but people choose functionality over security in this stage of development. Another reason is that developers are falling short on expertise and unable to tackle such problems. It is because many of them come from an embedded system programming background. Thus, they are less aware of IoT programming and its threats. All of this results in creating a reliable code to work but easy to breach.

4. Connectivity Issues

It is undoubtedly one of the prevalent challenges that IoT developers face. Connectivity is already imposing a big problem. In the future, it is going to be a great challenge considering its growth. It is expected that it is going to change the structure of the existing communication models and techs.

The current model is suitable for hundreds of thousands of devices. But it will become tough when this number is going to turn into a billion devices. Therefore, it will be requiring a massive investment in the maintenance of cloud servers for handling such amounts of information. It also needs to happen very carefully. If not, the whole system can crash due to the server’s unavailability, which will be a massive problem for all of us.

A perfect solution for the problem is the decentralization of the IoT networks. Fog computing models can be of great help for the purpose. On implying it, the IoT hubs will take care of the operations, while the cloud servers will handle the analytics.

Peer-to-peer communications will also prove to be very helpful. Devices will be able to identify and exchange data by themselves directly, without a middle man. There won’t be failure points in the way, with the help of this method. Like any other plan, it will have its own set of hurdles to overcome in various ways. But the good part here is that it meets multiple IoT techs. Therefore, it seems to be a big problem, but there are always solutions to every problem.

5. Cross-Platform App Development


Because of different architectures and operating systems, 6. Proper Integration

IoT products need to integrate with their respective platforms. Successful integration leads to the successful implementation of IoT apps. Also, improper integration will lead to inefficiency and failure while delivering to customers. It is not an easy task, considering the many endpoint connections that the developers need to make. It is vital because it collects the sensor data and sends it through an IoT platform. In such cases, deep integration is the only solution for firms to gather the data using Big Data estimate results and overlook insights. If you are looking to hire mobile app developers, you must make sure that they can handle such problems easily.

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7. Consumer Awareness Issues

It is a crucial aspect, not only for IoT but for every sector in general. Although many people know a lot about new tech apps, not many are fully aware of the IoT. However, it is not required to be an expert in the field, but it is essential to have a basic gist of how things work. If that is not there, it might create an air of insecurity when people suddenly know about it. It is not right for business because a lack of knowledge can cause fear of cost and security measures while hiring app developers. All of it will slow the pace at which people are adapting to the IoT.

The fear among people for new techs that they are unaware of is common. According to a study, 53% out of 3,000 customers do not want data collection to happen, irrespective of the devices. It arises due to the lack of necessary awareness, which is essential to build trust among the consumers. The fear is not beneficial for either party, but it can be quickly dealt with by discussing the benefits and making people aware of it.

8. Value

A survey by Forbes states that around a third of the executives face hurdles with their IoT tech quality. The survey shows us the struggle of firms for bringing proper value to their customers. IoT products require high amounts of guidance while building them. Many other things depict the efforts that are put into development. More than half of the firms taking up IoT projects depend highly on their IT service providers. Furthermore, they also rely on their consultants for appropriate business advice and accurate delivery of the solutions.

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If you have such a project, it will be best to consult an IoT company for the best help. Even if you want to hire mobile app developers, companies do help you with it. But, you must hire a firm that integrates the IoT parts prioritizing connectivity, security, and maintaining accuracy while gaining insights.

9. Privacy Challenges

There is a lot of sensitive data that IoT devices collect. Even though certain regions’ legislation protects the data, it hasn’t helped preserve it. With IoT devices, there is always the danger of data being stolen. Even though it is hard to erase the problem, there are some practical solutions. For example, providers can discard the data. Or else, they can dump the particular areas where the information can identify a person personally. All of it is still better than a data leak. It is one of the most prominent dangers for IoT and its developers.

It can have a massive impact. Even if the data of a smart household appliance combines with other devices, can cause severe damage. That is, even if the data looks harmless. It is because it can help in tracking the life pattern of the person using it. Criminals and hackers can take undue benefit from the breach of data.

10. Data Collection

Security and privacy are two critical aspects of IoT development. But, developers must also know how to plan and process the data that they gather. It is a crucial step to meet the platform needs and keep the cloud storage in control. IoT data is of great use if stored and processed correctly. If not, it is of no fair use. Choosing the best tools for proper data processing is an ideal step. You can always think of hiring data experts who will guide you on your way. A study states that IoT devices generate more than 500 ZB of data per annum.

Integrating their clients’ data can provide them with better insights, which will be perfect for the business. After that, successful analysis of data followed by classification will be another ideal step. It is because it helps companies learn more about their clients’ choices and fulfill their needs accordingly. The appropriate analysis also allows firms to determine their weak points and the functions that should not be there or need correction in the products. Considering this, firms can update their software and improve functionality accordingly.

Final Words

There is no doubt that IoT has a bright future ahead of it. According to a survey, the IIoT is expected to add a whopping 14.2 trillion USD by 2030. Among the various problems IoT developers face in the IT industry, these were some major ones. The process to hire mobile app developers or IoT developers is a lengthy one. The IoT sector is indeed growing at a very healthy rate, but at the same time, various problems need resolving. All of the issues in IoT can be resolved with proper assistance. However, it is a new field; therefore, such complexities are likely to arise. It will take a considerable amount of time until the developers can erase the issues so that more and more people can start relying on it.


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