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6 Things Every Beginner Android App Developer Should Know

By Nicolas Thomas | July 31, 2020

6 Things Every Beginner Android App Developer Should Know

Since the onset of mobiles, the app industry is at its peak. Android was the fifth-best platform in its initial days, following iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian. Today, Android is the most popular mobile platform, and Google Play Store, the leading app platform with 2.56 million apps. Android is available in 48 different languages, reaching out to the audience on a high level. Being an Android app developer is still a dream job for many young people. Not only that but today, a large number of Indian app developers are Android app developers. Beginners need to keep many things in mind about app development as well as various Indian app developers are also in the early stage. So, here are six ideal concepts put together for beginner developers to know.

Programming in Java

Java is the official programming language for Android app building. Developers use Java for making most of the Android apps. Thus, for every beginner, mastery in Java is necessary. On the other side, Java is a little hard to work with, especially for beginners. But, there is a large pool of Java developers always to help you out whenever you face a problem.

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After Java, Kotlin is the second most popular programming language for Android app building. It is the alternative for Java and a cross-platform programming language. As Java is strenuous for beginners, they can always go with Kotlin. Kotlin is the second in-hand for Android after Java. Kotlin is suitable for introducing beginners to Android app building.

Other than Java and Kotlin, C++ is another language through Android Native Development. C++ is not the best option because it is less flexible and tough to set up. But, C# is a good option as it resembles Java and is perfect for app building. C# also makes coding easier for rookies because of clean and simple syntax.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is to study and assess all facts before arriving upon a conclusion. It is highly essential as, during app building, developers face problems with many solutions.

Here is where critical thinking comes into play. When a developer thinks critically, he/she will judge each situation with its outcome one by one, and decide which the best way is. In the long run, critical thinking helps in maintaining and writing clean code.

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Architecture is one of the most vital things to focus on for a beginner developer. It is the plan that we need to follow without fail to build an app correctly, and it has a list of things that the developer needs to note to build an app.

You don’t need to design the whole architecture, but you need to have a thorough knowledge of it to build an app without problems. Having good architecture leads to the timely delivery of the app. It also helps the team stay intact and not mix up the order of work, thus, reducing complications.

Learning architecture won’t go waste, as it is language and platform agnostic. In other words, if you learn it once, you can apply it anywhere. But, elementary design skills are a must. It is because you will have to use tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Unity 3D/4D commonly.


Adaptability is crucial for developers of all levels. As a beginner, you will be working under many people and even as a vital part of a team. It is essential to blend in and accept the changes. You have to adapt and deliver your work according to the team’s expectations.

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Beginner developers should always be curious and hungry to learn. Your employers can see through it quickly. For example, if you reluctantly apply for a developer’s job, even if you have a lot of talent and knowledge but no passion, the employer is less likely to hire you.

But on the other hand, even if you have considerable knowledge, but you are passionate and hungry to learn and work more, employers are likely to choose you.

Cross-platform Development

Cross-platform development is the method to run an app on multiple platforms with the same code. Nowadays, it is the way people build a large number of apps. The mobile market is expanding, and cross-platform development does a great job reducing the gap between two platforms.

Cross-platform development is significant for Android apps, as developers can make Android apps run on all platforms. It reduces time to build an app, cost, and makes implementing an easy job.

Technical Expertise

The basic idea of technical expertise is to be versatile and create any app. As a novice developer, it is a must for you first to have a vast knowledge of Android. Moving on, developers should be proficient in Android Studio, Android SDKs, and APIs. Here is what they do:

Android Studio: It is the developing environment (IDE) for the Android OS. You can build apps for all kinds of Android devices here. It supports many programming languages, but the best option here is Java. It is perfect for beginners to start developing the apps here as you don’t need to migrate apps.

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  • Android SDK: SDK is the short form for Software Development Kit. An SDK helps you make apps for Android, in this case. It has an emulator, various developmental tools, and a source code.
  • Android API: It is the abbreviation for the app program interface. With the help of API, you get access to other apps and platforms. Android has an API that apps use to come in contact with the Android system. In short, it includes packages, classes, XML elements, and attributes.


So, these were the six things every beginner Android app developer should know. US, UK, Ukraine, and India, are some of the best countries for software development. Many firms deploy their jobs to Indian app developers. It is because Indian app developers can deliver the work with quality at a lesser price. On average, a developer in the USA makes $107,000 yearly. On the other hand, Indian app developers make $4,100 annually.

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